Announcement: ’20 Summit Keynote Speaker & New B:CIVIC Video

Announcing ’20 B:CIVIC Summit Keynote Speaker – Erin Reilly!

Join us on Oct. 22 for (Re)Define the ’20 B:CIVIC Summit as Erin Reilly, chief social impact officer for Twilio, shares her expertise and insights on CSR’s shifting landscape, from the significance of her role as chief social impact officer to advice on weaving social impact throughout your organization.

We are thrilled to learn from a leader who is (re)defining the future of CSR!

Meet Erin: Erin is a leader driving the company to use its unique assets – products, people and funding – to do good. She also runs the business unit that empowers nonprofits to use Twilio to scale their impact. Through her leadership, thousands of social impact organizations using Twilio are helping more than 100 million people each year.

She’s proven that social impact can be a sustainable business by lowering costs for nonprofits to access Twilio while delivering meaningful revenue growth and continued investment in social impact.

Learn More about Erin.


Tickets and tables for the 5th annual B:CIVIC Summit are on sale now!

For a limited time, save with early bird pricing. Members save an additional $100 on tickets.

As a special offer, the first 50 people to register will receive a copy of Derrick Feldmann’s latest book, The Corporate Social Mind.


We look forward to hosting a dynamic and engaging B:CIVIC Summit on Oct. 22. While we sincerely hope to gather in person for this event, we will be closely monitoring COVID-19 developments in the coming months to determine the safest path forward.
If we are not able to meet in person, you can count on us to (re)define the virtual conference experience with enhanced benefits, bonus content and more opportunities for community-building and networking. We will keep you informed of the safety precautions we are taking and any updates regarding the conference format (by July 30).


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Together in Solidarity

Dear B:CIVIC Community,

It was only a week ago that most of us first learned George Floyd’s name and saw the lethal brutality he experienced at the hands of police officers. And he was only the most recent needless death. Since then, we have run the emotional gamut – anger, confusion and sadness – as we watch events unfold across the nation and our own community in response to too many lives lost.

The responses we’ve seen – both violent and peaceful – have shocked some in our community while others have known that we have been heading in this direction for generations. What’s behind these pent-up responses are the systemic barriers, insults and innuendos that people of color face every day in our country and the lack of acknowledgment from those who benefit from those burdensome systems.

We can’t ignore these inequalities anymore. We will only succeed at creating change if we all come together to address disparity and that means there is a role for you and your organization. This work is going to be difficult, but we must do it to move forward.

At the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation and B:CIVIC, we have a responsibility to show up for people of color in our communities in ways we never have before. Know that we see you, we’re here for you and we’re working to support you. Our purpose as an organization is to inspire people who want to make a difference as leaders, and that inspiration is meant for all.

Where do we begin? We aim to create a safe space to process what we are experiencing as a community and as individuals, beginning with our June 11 peer roundtable. We invite you to share the work your company is leading to support your employees and model your commitment, so we may inspire others to action in our community. We will help facilitate resource exchange in the coming days, so we can all work together to bring light in the form of change during this time of darkness. Together, we can work to ignite the light of change during this time of darkness.

As members of our community of leaders, remember that your voice is important and that you have the power to lead where you stand and make a difference.

B:CIVIC and the Leadership Foundation are committed to solidarity, healing and action.  We look forward to hearing your voices and coming together to continue this important work.


Kirsten Vermulen, 
Executive Director

Alexis Owen,
Board Chair, B:CIVIC

Dan Lewis, 
Executive Director
Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation

Announcement: (Re)Define CSR with the ’20 B:CIVIC Summit

Over the past 12 months, several challenges and opportunities have shaped the way we approach corporate social responsibility (CSR). Global forces like the climate strike, the Blackrock statement, COVID-19 and the economic crisis have hit the world in waves. These external factors along with the drive to integrate CSR into HR, sales, client services and other essential internal operational units are redefining the field.
CSR professionals are working hard to embrace change and adjust their priorities and plans to fit the new normal. And they are trying to figure out the ROI on this adjustment. The B:CIVIC Summit is designed to support professionals as they (re)define CSR for the next decade.

During our annual conference on Oct. 22, we will explore best practices, find inspiration from our peers, and hear from experts who can guide us as we continue to focus on the business of making an impact in our communities. Read More