We are a force of business leaders who are as passionate about giving back as we are about running smart, successful companies. B:CIVIC is the only organization in Colorado focused for professionals and business leaders in for-profit companies who are as passionate about giving back as they are about growing successful companies.  B:CIVIC provides companies of all types and sizes the information, insight and a network to learn more about how to be civic-minded while meeting business goals. So, we’re getting the good going. 

Let’s leverage collective impact to accomplish what can’t be done alone. Membership allows you to work with other business leaders to make an impact in Denver and across Colorado, and to create a model for others to follow. This work not only positions businesses advantageously, it also improves our communities, making them places where we want to work, play, live and thrive. No wonder Denver – and Colorado – are the envy of many states. Let’s grow the good. There is much to be done and done now!

Join us.  Whether you are a business owner, one-person CSR team, lead a corporate foundation, or want to align your community engagement with your business goals, you need to be a part of the B:CIVIC community.  Because together we will increase the amount of philanthropy, employee engagement and collective good for the community.