The Workforce of the Future: Spanning Five Generations Recap

When it comes to authentically uplifting employees of different generations, our expert panelists recommended leading from a place of curiosity, having mentorship programs and developing processes to share institutional knowledge. They reminded us that while labels like “Boomers” and “Gen Z” can be helpful starting points for understanding, be mindful of stereotypes and recognize that someone’s generation is only one part of their identity.

Thank you to Gina Del Castillo, Polica Houston, Mara Olsen and Ashley Woodman for sharing their insights and expertise. Thank you to Liz Gardner for being our moderator.

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Aligning Your Values Throughout the Workforce Journey Recap

“Employees can do the work; they want to know what kind of environment they’ll arrive to.”

– Carissa McCabe, GFM|CenterTable

10% of people are job searching today, and they’re looking for more than a paycheck. Organizations need to communicate and demonstrate their values to prospective employees and current teammates in order to thrive.

Thank you to Sean Choi of FirstBank, Michael Greenlee of Emerge and Carissa McCabe of GFM|CenterTable for sharing their insights and expertise. Thank you to Anna Costello for being our moderator.

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