“Employees can do the work; they want to know what kind of environment they’ll arrive to.”

– Carissa McCabe, GFM|CenterTable

10% of people are job searching today, and they’re looking for more than a paycheck. Organizations need to communicate and demonstrate their values to prospective employees and current teammates in order to thrive.

Thank you to Sean Choi of FirstBank, Michael Greenlee of Emerge and Carissa McCabe of GFM|CenterTable for sharing their insights and expertise. Thank you to Anna Costello for being our moderator.

Interested in connecting with our speakers?

  • Sean Choi, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, FirstBank
  • Michael Greenlee, Market Lead, Emerge
  • Carissa McCabe, Founding Partner, GFM|CenterTable
  • Moderator: Anna Costello, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Ship Sunshine

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Items to consider on your organization’s values and workforce journey:  

  • Clear is kind.
  • Your organization’s values may evolve over time.
  • Change takes time.
  • Workforce development and recruitment can begin much earlier in the education pipeline.
  • There’s no silver bullet; it’s how you empower employees, train, promote from within and help people to lead.

Next steps to take: 

  • As a job seeker, know your top five personal values.
  • Consider revamping job descriptions and job postings to make them more welcoming and inclusive. Look at what other organization’s in your field might be doing.
  • While recruiting, consider building an Employee Value Proposition or EVP, including expectations, rewards, mission, values and impact.
  • When sharing your organization’s values with employees, hold space for a conversation on their definitions, so everyone is aligned.
  • Utilize personality insight tools such as Emergenetics or Core Strengths to better understand how your teammates work.
  • Gather feedback from employees both through surveys and authentic conversations.
  • Connect employees and leadership through mentorships and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).