When it comes to authentically uplifting employees of different generations, our expert panelists recommended leading from a place of curiosity, having mentorship programs and developing processes to share institutional knowledge. They reminded us that while labels like “Boomers” and “Gen Z” can be helpful starting points for understanding, be mindful of stereotypes and recognize that someone’s generation is only one part of their identity.

Thank you to Gina Del Castillo, Polica Houston, Mara Olsen and Ashley Woodman for sharing their insights and expertise. Thank you to Liz Gardner for being our moderator.

From left to right: Mara Olsen, Ashley Woodman, Polica Houston and Gina Del Castillo

Interested in connecting with our speakers? 

  • Gina Del Castillo, Community Engagement Manager, Next50
  • Polica Houston, Vice President of Programs, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado
  • Mara Olsen, aPHR, Leave and Events Specialist, Delta Dental of Colorado
  • Ashley Woodman, Director of Organizational Development, BOA Technology
  • Moderator: Liz Gardner, Executive Director of the DaVita Giving Foundation & Director of Village Giving, DaVita

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Other items to consider: 

  • Mentorship with BBBSC. 
  • Share general professionalism tips and expectations with new hires.
  • Consider the needs of all employees while developing your organization’s benefits package.
  • Remember that employee voice matters, and allow the experts to be experts.
  • Think about how generation and age may show up uniquely in your workplace.
  • When thinking about workforce development, consider the impact of your organization’s efforts internally and on your industry as a whole.
  • Flip the script: focus on the strengths each person brings instead of perceived weaknesses.
  • Invest with partners to expand your community perspective. Aging can look very different depending on the community.