Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation announces 2019 9NEWS Leader of the Year finalists

This article was originally published on Nov. 12

Since 1999, 9NEWS has recognized outstanding leaders in the community.

This year, 9NEWS has again partnered with the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation – an affiliate of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce that educates and inspires people who want to make a difference as leaders in the community – to select and honor the next 9NEWS Leader of the Year.

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On Philanthropy: Coherent philanthropy: Seven tips for effective business giving, By Bruce DeBoskey, The DeBoskey Group

The following content is by , President and Founder of The DeBoskey Group. The DeBoskey Group is a founding member of B:CIVIC.

This article was originally published on Aug. 8,

U.S. corporations are a strong force for good – above and beyond their recognized role as drivers of employment and the economy.

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Startup CSR: How To Give Back When You’re Just Getting Off The Ground

This article was originally published on August 13th

When you’re just getting off the ground, carving out the resources to give back can seem like a daunting prospect or even a luxury reserved for larger corporations. It might be good for optics, but it’s costly — or so the argument goes. It’s a time suck at a critical juncture. It distracts you from your core business.

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Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation and B:CIVIC announce plans to unite







Sept. 19, 2018

DENVER—Two of the region’s leading community leadership organizations have announced they will team up, combining operations and services. The Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation and B:CIVIC will partner to maximize community leadership and giving by individuals and organizations.

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An Exciting New Partnership!

As an organization, we’ve always focused on leveraging collective impact to accomplish what can’t be done alone.

It is with that spirit of collaboration in mind that I and the B:CIVIC board of directors are excited to announce that B:CIVIC will partner with the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation.

 Why are we teaming up? Both organizations are committed to strengthening Colorado through community leaders and organizations that want to make a difference here. This partnership lets us grow our impact. When we combine the expertise from both boards of directors and the dedicated staff, volunteers and alumni, we can serve more individuals and their organizations over time. The more people we engage, the more we can move the needle to grow individual and organizational giving and volunteerism in the community.

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