CSR 101: Must Haves and Industry Trends

Virtual Program Recap

Thank you for joining us for our virtual event.
Thank you to Jennifer Forman for sharing her expertise and insight around CSR, ESG, strategy and business considerations.


  • Jennifer Forman, principal of Make.More.Good. former Director of Corporate Citizenship at PopSockets and an instructor of the Certification in CSR at University of Colorado Leeds School of Business

A recording of the program, the slides and resources can be accessed below:

Learn more about Make.More.Good. and resources mentioned:
  • View the recording and download the slides here
  • Make.More.Good.
    • Learn more about the impact model, SDGs and Making the Case here
  • View the Nike ad on equality
  • Learn more about the Certification in CSR
    • Don’t forget B:CIVIC investors receive a discount
    • Learn more about the B:CIVIC Scholarship for this program
  • Access B:CIVIC’s Socially Responsible Business 101 toolkit
  • McKinsey’s report on diversity and inclusion
  • Department of Energy partnership with 90 organizations including B:CIVIC investor, DaVita
  • Looking for nonprofits? Check out B:CIVIC’s nonprofit investors here or Colorado Nonprofit Association’s directory here
  • More on materiality assessments
  • Understand The Global Goals for Sustainable Development
  • Learn about The Paris Agreement
  • View Ikea’s sustainability report
  • Utilize Intel’s corporate responsibility report builder
  • New Belgium’s drinksustainably.com for lessons learned on brewing and reducing carbon emissions
Take two minutes to share your feedback on the program with B:CIVIC and Jennifer here.

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