ESG 2.0: Putting it into Practice

Environmental, Social, Governance or commonly known as ESG, is becoming more common as companies are shifting policies, practices and job titles to reflect the changing norms and expertise within the space. And its not just for publicly traded companies. By reimagining your corporate social responsibility (CSR) work with an ESG mindset, you can have a business strategy with multiple benefits, including attracting and retaining talent, branding and maximized impact.

As more companies begin to align and build awareness around ESG, it’s important to have clarity on how the E, S and G, work separately and in unison. Join Casey Stock, Head of ESG & Sustainability for Natera, to learn ESG best practices and standards and how to utilize them within your company.

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This program is perfect for:

  • Professionals working in CSR, corporate citizenship, corporate responsibility, disaster response, social impact, etc.
  • ESG and Sustainability Professionals
  • Marketing, communications and public relations professionals
  • HR individuals working on D&I, DE&I and employee engagement
  • Those working in community relations, partnerships, or foundations
  • Part-time or full-time professionals that are involved in a similar role
  • And anyone who is interested in understanding and building awareness around ESG

Coffee and snacks will be provided.