B:CIVIC Programming

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B:CIVIC offers 30+ educational programs, workshops, peer-to-peer roundtables, networking events, webinars, an annual conference and special experiences annually. Some events may be specific to people in select business roles or company sizes. If you have questions about this, please connect with staff.

Investors receive complimentary tickets (ticket quantity varies by investment level) for their employees to learn and engage. Additional tickets are available for purchase at a discount. Professionals wishing to attend events whose organization is not a B:CIVIC investor may purchase tickets.


Who should attend B:CIVIC events? Anyone. B:CIVIC’s programming is made for social responsibility professionals, grant makers and foundation employees, marketing and communication professionals, employee engagement, DE&I and HR professionals, nonprofit partners, small business owners and community leaders. If you are interested or looking to learn more about CSR, join us. Whether you are a full-time, part-time or volunteer committee member, you are welcome here.

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B:CIVIC Programs

The Ask Me Anything programs features two to three active social responsibility professionals. These professionals share the background and then participate in an open dialogue with attendees, to answer questions about their role and professional journey, current and future trends, partnerships and anything else you want to hear about!

The B:CIVIC Summit is the only full-day CSR conference in the Rocky Mountain region, hosted every fall. The conference hosts local and national, keynote and workshop speakers for 14-plus sessions to share expertise on national trends, best practices and critical CSR programming.


The conference brings together 350-plus community and business leaders for peer networking, collaborative opportunities and leading CSR action. For individuals interested in being on the Summit committee or speaking, please contact staff.

The University of Colorado-Boulder Leeds School of Business Certification in Corporate Social Responsibility (CCSR), in partnership with B:CIVIC, is designed to address the evolving needs of CSR practitioners, regardless of role or title. The CCSR course is collaborative, interpersonal and experiential, with dialogue-based learning involving the instructors, class cohorts and guest speaker/subject matter experts.

The course is offered three times per semester and B:CIVIC investors receive a discount.

New in 2021, B:CIVIC now offers scholarships for a Colorado-based cohort to increase access to CSR.

When requested by the community and our investors, B:CIVIC will mobilize a disaster response call and resources for local and global disasters. This can range from a single call to a series to learn about the situation, how to support and engage with active leading response personnel and agencies.

These monthly and quarterly roundtables are engaging peer-advisory groups for CSR or small business professionals at any level who are involved or interested in CSR, social impact, philanthropy, sustainability, community investment and community relations. This includes those with roles that also involve marketing, employee engagement, HR, strategic initiatives or similar areas.


The roundtables provide time to ask your questions to peers and help solve others’ questions.

This program promises to provide innovative ideas and connections. It features knowledgeable speakers from across industries and company sizes as they share case studies, insight and best practices. These events include optional networking time with other attendees.

Special events and networking are held occasional to meet peers and connect. Occasionally these will be limited to specific company sizes, industries or professional roles.

Webinars are a hosted online on a specific CSR topic with local and national leaders. Webinars are recorded and shared with attendees after the event.

Working lunches focus on a specific CSR topic with local and national experts. Learn best practices, engage in facilitated discussion with peers and get advice on how to tackle real-world problems.

Note: B:CIVIC has a non-solicitation policy for all event attendees. We strive to create an environment of best practices exchange and genuine community-building, free of unnecessary disruptions. Therefore, all attendees are prohibited from solicitating other attendees. The prohibited forms of solicitation include e-mail solicitation, face-to-face solicitation, and distribution of literature or circulation of petitions for products, services and fundraising organizations. B:CIVIC will periodically host select events that will allow investors an opportunity to promote their services to others. B:CIVIC reserves the right to cancel future registrations for anyone not respecting this policy.