B:CIVIC elevates business for good.


  1. Develop a culture in Colorado where all businesses and business associations know that investing in the community is a smart, viable business strategy;
  2. Be a strong and effective voice showcasing and inspiring business engagement throughout Colorado;
  3. Increase the resources (including dollars, time, and in kind) invested by companies in support of local causes and community organizations;
  4. Serve as a strategic forum and meeting place to bring Colorado businesses of all sizes and levels of experience together to share knowledge and expertise about effective community engagement strategies and programming; and
  5. Create an enabling environment for collective impact so that businesses and community organizations can engage effectively together to address critical local needs.



We provide resources, events and materials to help enhance or develop innovative community involvement programs.  We facilitate best practice exchanges, bring innovative speakers to the table, and help business leaders find new ways to boost their philanthropic involvement for the good of the community and their business.


We offer formal and informal opportunities to network with other like-minded companies in our community to share successful community involvement philosophies, approaches, programs and partnerships.

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We facilitate efforts for businesses of all sizes to work together to leverage impact. We’ll show you how to identify community needs, pool resources, give more efficiently, and work collectively to create real change where you care about it most.
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We raise the public awareness of the positive impact of Colorado businesses in the community, individually and collectively through publication of our annual giving survey, press releases, social media posts, newsletter articles, and other means.

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