B:CIVIC Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before completing your membership request with B:CIVIC.


For-profit companies, foundations, chambers, nonprofits, and industry association are invited to join at the company level, and all current employees are eligible to utilize B:CIVIC services. As an employee of a member organization, you will be granted access to and use of the services provided by B:CIVIC. If you join at the individual level, your membership is exclusively for you. B:CIVIC reserves the right to determine eligibility of membership.

Membership Term

Each organization membership term is for 365 days. If the membership is renewed before the natural expiration date, the renewal date still becomes 365 days from the original expiration, allowing members to pre-pay memberships. If you join at the individual term, your membership is for six months.

Administrative Fee

All members will be assessed a $35 administrative fee upon initial registration. This fee will be waived at renewal. If you fail to renew your membership within 60 days of the membership expiration date, you will be assessed an additional reinstatement fee of $35.

Membership Cancellation

Memberships are processed on an annual basis per the enrollment date. Members can cancel their membership at any time but no refunds will be granted. Members and their employees will still have access to our services until the membership term expires.


B:CIVIC reserves the right to terminate membership, if a member fails to comply with our terms and conditions. Membership fees paid prior to termination will not be refunded. Access to services offered by B:CIVIC will also be terminated.

Non-Solicitation Policy

B:CIVIC has a non-solicitation policy. We strive to create an environment of best practices exchange and genuine community-building, free of unnecessary disruptions. Therefore, all members are prohibited from certain forms of solicitation that is not member related and seek to promote certain products, services or fundraising causes. The prohibited forms of solicitation include e- mail solicitation, face to face solicitation, and distribution of literature or circulation of petitions at our events or on our website (unless the company is a sponsor of the event). B:CIVIC will periodically host select events that will allow members an opportunity to promote their services to other members. B:CIVIC reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member violating this policy.

Media Members must not engage in interviews on behalf of B:CIVIC or discuss B:CIVIC related business to reporters unless asked to serve as a thought leader on behalf of the organization. Please refer all media related questions to B:CIVIC.

These terms apply to all members, users and others who access or use our services. By accessing or using our services you agree to be bound by these terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the services offered by B:CIVIC.