Clinica Tepeyac

Nonprofit, Wellness, Health care and Medical

We are a Federally Qualified Health Care Clinic in North Denver, serving the medically undeserved. We offer preventative health care, behavioral health, dental services, lab and ultrasound to patients with or without insurance. What makes us different is that 90% of our patients prefer to receive their medical care in Spanish. With a bi-cultural clinical staff we are able to meet patients where they are and honor the cultural norms that make Latino families feel safe and at home. All patients are welcomed regardless of race, culture, legal status, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or age. OUR MISSION At Clinica Tepeyac, our mission is to inspire health, well-being, and humanity in our community, through all of life’s stages. OUR VISION We envision a healthy community. The people we serve understand that health care is regular and ongoing. They are healthier and their children are healthier. There are fewer people in emergency rooms receiving routine care. As we can expand our reach and bring cultural competency into the community, we are able to help more people live healthy lives. OUR CORE VALUES Dignity Clínica Tepeyac respects the inherent dignity of each person. We are sensitive, inclusive and empowering in our relationships with others. Integrity Clínica Tepeyac values authenticity and consistency. We are genuine, reliable and dependable in word and deed. Quality Clínica Tepeyac values excellence. We provide the best services possible on a regular basis. Our community is healthier because of Clínica Tepeyac.

4725 High Street
Denver, CO 80216-2015

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(303) 458-5302
Member since: 2020

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