The following are commonly asked questions about B:CIVIC. The FAQs are updated on an ongoing basis and we respond to questions that will be of interest to our community and the public.

Is B:CIVIC a 501C3 organization?

B:CIVIC is a 501©3 under our affiliate, the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation and can support your charitable giving goals. Please connect with staff for a copy of our W-9.

Did B:CIVIC change from a membership model to investor model?

B:CIVIC has been growing an ecosystem where companies are better equipped to address both community and social issues that are critical to Colorado since 2014. As you know, we empower organizations, like yours, and their people to build stronger communities. We do that by creating connections, sharing expertise and inspiring action.

At the end of 2021, we transformed our membership model to offer more access and choice through an investor model. Within this model, current members can continue engaging at your investment level or choose to increase your investment for more exposure and benefits, new organizations can invest to uplift ESG & CSR in Colorado, and individuals will find more opportunities to engage and gain access to best practices.

Our Investor Model Gives You:

  • Engagement in our year-round educational and networking programming, including the annual B:CIVIC Summit (complimentary tickets now included)
  • Access to a community of social responsibility professionals sharing expertise and best practices
  • Collaboration with a growing, diverse field of organizations that value social responsibility and want to build stronger, more resilient communities
  • Choice in selecting the level of investment that best meets your organization’s needs

In addition to the social benefit of your investment, B:CIVIC is a 501©3, under the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, and can support your charitable giving goals.

Can nonprofit organizations be B:CIVIC Investors?

As of Jan. 1, 2019, nonprofits are eligible to apply and engage with B:CIVIC. Nonprofits do not receive a discount.

Please note: Some events are designed for professional peer exchange (e.g., CSR Peer Roundtables). These are limited to private sector members. Please contact us to ask any questions about the eligibility of your organization.

Do we have to be a member of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce to be an investor of B:CIVIC?

No, membership with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce is not required.

If we are a member of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, are we automatically a B:CIVIC investor?

When a company joins the Chamber, they receive all the specified benefits of their membership level. However, unless specifically stated, B:CIVIC investment is not included. If you believe your Chamber membership includes B:CIVIC, please connect with your Chamber membership representative or a B:CIVIC staff member to confirm.

Our company has invested in B:CIVIC. Who can participate in B:CIVIC events?

Any employee of an investor company is welcome to participate in B:CIVIC events.

What are the terms of investment? What am I agreeing to when I invest?

The investment is for 365 days, unless stated otherwise. B:CIVIC reserves the right to determine eligibility of investment.

If the investment is renewed before the natural expiration date, the renewal date still becomes 365 days from the original expiration, allowing investors to pre-pay.

Investments are processed on an annual basis per the enrollment date. No refunds will be granted. If canceled, investors and their employees will still have access to our services until the expiration date.

B:CIVIC reserves the right to terminate any investor.

Non-Solicitation Policy

B:CIVIC has a non-solicitation policy. We strive to create an environment of best practices exchange and genuine community-building, free of unnecessary disruptions. Therefore, all investors are prohibited from certain forms of solicitation that is not investor-related and seek to promote certain products, services or fundraising causes. The prohibited forms of solicitation include e-mail solicitation, face-to-face solicitation, and distribution of literature or circulation of petitions at our events or on our website (unless the company is a sponsor of the event). B:CIVIC will periodically host select events that will allow investors an opportunity to promote their services to others. B:CIVIC reserves the right to terminate an investor violating this policy.

Media investors must not engage in interviews on behalf of B:CIVIC or discuss B:CIVIC-related business to reporters unless asked to serve as a thought leader on behalf of the organization. Please refer all media-related questions to B:CIVIC.

These terms apply to all investors, users and others who access or use our services. By accessing or using our services, you agree to be bound by these terms.

What can I do if my organization is not an investor of B:CIVIC?

We encourage organizations across the state (and beyond) to invest in B:CIVIC. Investment levels with B:CIVIC begin at $500 annually for organizations with less than 100 employees. However, if you cannot invest at this time, we do offer a paid community option for select events. Please see our calendar for upcoming events.

If a chamber or business association invests in B:CIVIC, are our members automatically investors as well?

When a chamber or business association becomes a B:CIVIC investor only their employees are able to engage and utilize investor benefits, except special affinity groups for which they are not eligible. (e.g., Non-CSR professional  can’t attend a CSR Peer Roundtable.) While we hope that you share information about B:CIVIC and special events that are open to the public with your members, your members do not automatically become B:CIVIC investors as well. Each of your business members will need to invest and engage with B:CIVIC individually.

Can government agencies be investors?

Yes, they are eligible as an investor.

What does being a Founding Member mean?

Founding memberships were offered to the first 100 companies that joined B:CIVIC back in 2014. At that time, they received exclusive benefits in addition to the standard benefits and occasionally receive recognition today as a Founding Member of B:CIVIC.