The following are commonly asked questions about B:CIVIC and the answers.  The FAQs are updated on an ongoing basis and we respond to questions that will be of interest to both our members, prospective members, and the public.

Can nonprofit organizations be B:CIVIC members?

 As of Jan. 1, 2019 nonprofits are eligible for membership with B:CIVIC, please use the main application to apply. Nonprofit membership fees are identical to corporate memberships. Please note: Some events are designed for professional peer exchange (e.g. CSR Peer Roundtables and Small Business Networking Events). These are limited to private sector members. Please contact us to ask any questions about the eligibility of your organization.

Do we have to be a member of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, to be a member of B:CIVIC?

No, membership with B:CIVIC and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce are separate.

If we are a member of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, are we automatically a member of B:CIVIC?

When a company joins the Chamber, they receive all the benefits of their membership level, however, unless specifically stated, a membership with B:CIVIC is not included. If you believe your Chamber membership includes a B:CIVIC membership please connect with your Chamber membership representative or a B:CIVIC staff member to check. 

Our company has joined B:CIVIC - who can participate in B:CIVIC events?

Any employee of a member company is welcome to participate in B:CIVIC events.

The only caveat to this involves affinity groups.  In this case, the employee needs to be eligible to participate based on the criteria for the respective group. For example, only CEOs are eligible to participate in the CEO Think Tank.

What are the terms of membership; what am I agreeing to when I take a membership?

The terms of membership are shown here: BCIVIC Membership Terms.

What can I do if my organization is not a member of B:CIVIC?

We encourage organizations across the state (and beyond) to join, and our memberships are reasonable priced, based on the number of Colorado employees. Membership levels begin with Entrepreneurial memberships at $250 for organizations who have 1-50 employees in Colorado. However, if you cannot join at this time, we do have a variety of community events (for a fee) that you may attend as well. Please see our calendar for upcoming events.

If a chamber or business association joins B:CIVIC, are our members automatically members, as well?

When a chamber or business association joins B:CIVIC, their employees are able to attend any B:CIVIC event, except special affinity groups for which they are not eligible (e.g., non-CEOs  can’t attend the annual CEO Think Tank.)  While we hope that you share information about membership and special events open to the public to your members, they are NOT included as part of your organization’s membership.  Each of your business members will need to apply for their own membership.

Can government agencies be members?

Yes, they are eligible for membership.

What does being a Founding Member mean?

Founding memberships were offered to the first 100 companies that joined B:CIVIC.  They receive exclusive benefits in addition to the standard benefits all members receive.