The HERO Fund is a new resource for RK employees and immediate family members when they experience a hardship and need financial assistance. Employees dealing with an unexpected life event (medical emergency, the death of a family member, major housing or transportation issues) can apply for one-time financial assistance of up to $2,500. The primary source of funding for the new hardship fund is from RK employees by direct donation, weekly payroll deduction and special fundraising events.

The RK Foundation presented the first donation to the HERO Fund at our annual company picnic.

Pictured: Jon Kinning, Katie Dell, Marcee Kinning, Rick Kinning,

Robert Cheney, Russ Sullivan and Donnie Hirschfield.

Why is it called the HERO Fund? The name signifies that we can be a hero to our fellow RK family members in their time of need.


HERO stands for:

H – Helping

E – Employees

R – Rebuild, Recover, Restore, Renew, Repair, Return, Rally and…

O – Overcome


The HERO Fund is part of the RK Cares Foundation, a new public non-profit (separate from the RK Foundation), that was established to support our community, RK employees and the philanthropic programs at RK. The HERO Fund is administered by a separate Board of Directors and all requests for funding and grant decisions are kept strictly confidential.

The inaugural hardship grants from the HERO Fund were distributed in December.

“Thank you so much to everyone that made the HERO Fund possible. I am very grateful for the help following a house fire where I lost almost everything,” said Rodrigo F., the first recipient of a HERO Fund grant.