As an organization, we’ve always focused on leveraging collective impact to accomplish what can’t be done alone.

It is with that spirit of collaboration in mind that I and the B:CIVIC board of directors are excited to announce that B:CIVIC will partner with the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation.

 Why are we teaming up? Both organizations are committed to strengthening Colorado through community leaders and organizations that want to make a difference here. This partnership lets us grow our impact. When we combine the expertise from both boards of directors and the dedicated staff, volunteers and alumni, we can serve more individuals and their organizations over time. The more people we engage, the more we can move the needle to grow individual and organizational giving and volunteerism in the community.

We know you may have questions. We’ll work to answer as many as we can, but do not hesitate to reach out to myself or other board members. You can also email me with questions or save the date to join us for a welcome event for members and volunteers on Nov. 14 at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce – we’ll have more details soon.

 Your membership: You will continue to have access to professional development, networking opportunities and special events geared towards corporate social responsibility professionals and the nonprofit organizations with which they partner in this new partnership with the Leadership Foundation.

In the coming year, we’ll explore how we can deepen this partnership and will conduct several feedback sessions throughout the process to ensure any future changes have the support of B:CIVIC members and volunteers as well as Leadership Foundation alumni.

 Who is the Leadership Foundation? We know about half of our members are alumni of the Leadership Foundation, so many of you are familiar with their work to educate and inspire leaders who want to make a difference in the community for the last 45 years. They and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce have been longtime partners of B:CIVIC – and the Chamber was a founding member of this organization. In fact, last year we partnered on the Good Business report. It’s that connection and our shared mission to increase community giving and engagement that led to our decision to partner. And, our Vice Chair and longtime Leadership Foundation program director Kirsten Vermulen will lead B:CIVIC in the new partnership as its executive director.

 We’ll see you at the Summit. As I mentioned, benefits and events will continue on in 2019, and we’re more energized than ever by our work and the new possibilities unlocked by partnering with the Leadership Foundation. We look forward to hearing from you in the coming weeks with your thoughts and questions and we’ll have more to share with you about B:CIVIC’s bright future at the B:CIVIC Annual Summit on Oct. 25.


Thank you for your continued support of social responsibility in Colorado!


Demesha Hill, Board Chair