The following article is about MillerCoors, B:CIVIC founding member.

This article was originally published on June 27th

“MillerCoors has increased water efficiency in its Milwaukee brewery operations by employing monitoring and processing systems to the extent that the brewery has been certified as conforming to the Alliance for Water Stewardship’s International Water Stewardship Standard (AWS Standard). The AWS Standard is the first comprehensive global standard for measuring responsible water stewardship across social, environmental and economic criteria.

The company’s new water management systems include short interval controls and optimized clean-in-place systems to reduce rinse cycles. MIllerCoors aims for a water-to-beer ratio of three to one by 2020. In 2016, the company achieved an average water-to-beer ratio across major breweries of 3.2 to one.

The MillerCoors brewery is the first in the world to earn AWS Standard certification. Certification was given by SCS Global Services, an international third-party certifier of environmental claims.

MillerCoors’ overall water strategy is focused on working with farmers, NGOs and local municipalities to:

  • Improve water efficiency and manage wastewater in its breweries;
  • Lead water conservation, improve soil health and biodiversity, and advance water restoration efforts in brewery watersheds;
  • Reduce water use in agricultural supply chain.

The Global Water Center, a commercial office building which shares the same watershed as the MillerCoors brewery, has also been awarded AWS Standard certification, SCS Global says.”