The following content is by  Lee Rhodes, a 3P contributor at TriplePundit.

This article was originally published on May 4th

Positivity — like many wonderful and therapeutic traits in our world — is infectious. The innate good nature of a single person can resonate with others and create a chain of kindness that touches people and their surrounding communities.

Similarly, businesses have the power to spread positivity, especially if their brand stories inspire their customers. Positive branding springs from human-oriented stories that touch the heart. A heartfelt, personal experience makes a business and its message shareable.

My company, glassybaby, was born out of a place of purpose: Our products, employees, and story want to be beacons of light that inspire. Messaging that does not resonate with people on a human level can fail to connect with consumers.

Is your company struggling to build a fulfilling connection with your audience? Here are three suggestions on how your brand story can conjure positive feelings and actions in customers:

1. Embrace simplicity.

2. Speak authentically.

3. Communicate attainable goals.

The brands that have lasting success spur warm, positive feelings within their customers; they transcend barriers between the product and the consumer, creating a meaningful experience. An authentic, simple, attainable brand story deeply engrains itself in your customers and inspires them to share your narrative.

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