The following content is by  Steve Randazzo, a 3P contributor at TriplePundit.

This article was originally published on May 2nd


Making the world a better place is not just for activists and billionaires. Now, brands are taking on this role after realizing just how much their customers care about social and environmental causes.

Corporate social responsibility initiatives have become popular in business plans, where companies send portions of their profits over to charities that they and their customers care about.

However, given the short attention span of today’s consumers as well as their growing passion for social and environmental justice, it’s time to take brands’ giving missions to the next level.

Here’s the truth: For customers to really feel like they’re participating in social good, they need more than passive efforts. So don’t let your mission go unnoticed. You’re literally using your business to create good in the world — it’s time to act like it.

How to Turn Passive CSR Into Active CSR

Instead of merely ticking off the CSR box on your advertising checklist, treat your social or environmental mission as a business priority. Be active and creative in how you show — rather than tell — customers that you care.

1. Take up space with your mission


2. Help customers join in


3. Take a road trip


CSR should be the heart of what your brand does, not just the cherry on top. It’s only then that customers will see your brand as part of their social giving lives.

Show that, like them, your brand has a vested interested in solving problems in the world, and that by sticking with you, they’ll also be actively helping people, too. In the end, that’s how one-off buyers become fierce brand fanatics who continue to support your brand’s efforts for the long haul.



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