Three ways to activate your CSR Mission by Triple Pundit. Read the original and full article here. 

“How to Turn Passive CSR Into Active CSR

Instead of merely ticking off the CSR box on your advertising checklist, treat your social or environmental mission as a business priority. Be active and creative in how you show — rather than tell — customers that you care.

1. Take up space with your mission

Many brands will place their CSR initiatives in the corner of their website and social media as a subtle hint that they care. Sure, humility is attractive, but customers don’t have time to take in these quiet signals.

Upon visiting your company’s website, customers should immediately know that you are serious about CSR. In fact, it should appear to them as if CSR is one of the biggest reasons why your brand even exists. To do this, fill your website with content devoted to your social endeavors.

Remember, whatever your cause may be, make sure to invest in the time and use creativity to put together engaging content that takes up meaningful space.

2. Help customers join in

The best way to move beyond passive activism is to build interactive elements into your CSR initiatives. Don’t just present the facts — customers can’t do much with those other than read them and move on. Instead, inspire people to take action alongside you by creating opportunities for them to interact.

Website visitors provide their location details and specify causes they’re interested in, like “climate” or “communities.” Then, they are led right to local organizations that need support. This is all presented in a vibrant, visual way, with energizing calls to action, including buttons that prompt visitors to “Act Now!”

By using interactive elements, your brand can create a two-way street of interaction, and customers will be thankful for the opportunity you’re providing them to give back.

3. Take a road trip

Don’t get stuck within the confines of your website or office. By taking your CSR mission on the road, you can spread the word faster than any TV ad or promotional packaging ever could.”


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