More than 550 Kaiser Permanente Colorado physicians and staff celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day by rolling up their sleeves in remembrance of Dr. King’s commitment to community service.

In partnership with Metro Volunteers, Kaiser Permanente Colorado employees will volunteer at more than 30 projects all along the Front Range—from Greely to Pueblo. Projects include building outdoor bike racks for the public to preparing packages for the homeless and public school improvements to helping with cooking classes. This is the 14th consecutive year Kaiser Permanente has participated in MLK Jr. Day of Service.

Three Service Examples

Bikes Together

NE location, 2825 Fairfax St, Denver, CO 80207

10am-3pm Bikes Together promotes community, education, wellness and fun. Dedicated volunteers, staff, partners and program participants come together to get people on bikes and keep them there. 30 Kaiser Permanente volunteers with basic carpentry knowledge and physical stamina will join them on MLK day to help continue their message. Volunteers will build outdoor bike racks for new shop space, improve drainage by digging out dirt and laying additional gravel, assemble storage units and disassemble chains for use as bike camp reward system.
Denver Urban Gardens

1031 33rd St, Denver, CO 80205

9:30am-4:30pm Denver Urban Gardens’ gardeners grow food, but more than that, they grow community. DUG currently has over 170 gardens in six counties in the Metro Denver Area. To ensure DUG continues to grow, 20 volunteers will sort seeds for the Grow a Garden program. These seeds will be distributed to the community so they can grow their own food, rather than being used in public DUG gardens.

4751 York St, Denver, CO 80216

9am-1pm The GrowHaus is a nonprofit indoor farm in north Denver dedicated to food production, food education and food distribution. It does so through food boxes, hydroponic farm, aquaponics farm and gardening classes. In order to continue their dedication, 40 volunteers will set up seedling rooms, paint classrooms and the Executive Director’s office, as well as build outdoor items and help with cooking classes.

Disclaimer: This information was provided to us through Metro Volunteers Newsletter and Kaiser Permanente Facebook Page