In today’s society, there’s no question corporate growth through social responsibility is table stakes. Nearly nine-in-10 (86%) Americans believe companies should do more than simply make a profit but also operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues. Yet, a company’s role in society is becoming even more multidimensional. In fact, more than three-quarters of Americans (78%) believe companies should also stand up for important social justice issues like the refugee crisis and LGBTQ rights. So how can companies not only navigate this new reality, but gain brand enthusiasts and advocates along the way?

Business owners, leaders and professionals should plan to attend the B:CIVIC Summit, designed for all leaders who want to integrate more business growth through social responsibility and philanthropy.

Whitney Dailey, Director of Marketing/Research & Insights at Cone Communications will be the B:CIVIC Summit’s first keynote luncheon speaker, who will tap into the agency’s three-decade leadership in the space to give an insider’s look at this complex landscape.  She guides agency brand strategy, marketing and thought leadership. With a strong background in CSR, sustainability and social impact issues and deep understanding of Cone’s mission and culture, Whitney positions Cone for growth while furthering its three-decade legacy as a pioneer in corporate social responsibility (CSR) communications.

For more than six years, Whitney has led the development and distribution of Cone’s industry-leading and award-winning research studies, such as the 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study, 2016 Cone Communications Millennial Employee Engagement Study and the 2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study. Through the creation of three global studies surveying 10,000 individuals in 10 countries globally, Whitney has a deep understanding of the cultural and geographic nuances of consumer demands for CSR across the world – and has fostered an extensive network of global experts to tap for additional insights.

Whitney has her finger on the pulse of all that’s trending within the world of CSR and can provide a virtual lineup of the best and most innovative CSR campaigns in the marketplace. The output of this is original and thought provoking POVs in industry publications and content for Cone’s weekly “Prove Your Purpose” newsletter and blog as well as a number of industry speaking engagements.

This is the second annual Summit for B:CIVIC, an organization begun just three years ago as a strong and growing force of business leaders who are as passionate about giving back as they are about running smart, successful companies. The 2017 B:CIVIC Summit is the organization’s largest conference each year, designed to cultivate more effective social impact champions, leaders and practitioners, and motivate people to take action to make positive change within their companies and the community.  Created to serve as a catalyst for building capacity in the community with people who know that for-profit business is a powerful force for social change, the conference brings together the best and brightest minds together to elevate shared knowledge, best practices, national trends, local recognition – and thought leadership throughout the community.

The B:CIVIC Summit luncheon will begin first with a buffet starting at 11 am; the lunch program will begin promptly 11:30 am.  The luncheon program finish at 1:15 pm; workshops, and more speakers will  be offered in the afternoon, and a late afternoon reception will complete the event.  Full tickets and details.

Check out our next posting about Mark Feldman and Nikki Korn from Cause Consulting!  They too are speaking at this year’s luncheon.