In Colorado, businesses are playing an increasingly significant role in addressing the complex issues facing our communities. Corporate giving, business engagement in the community, employee volunteering, disaster relief, and much more serve as vital contributors to the social sector and deliver significant value to both the business and to society.  The majority of companies today report that community involvement contributes to many key business goals, including improved reputation, stakeholder value, and the attraction and retention of employees.

In fact, according to Cone Communications, a national organization focused on CSR for the last three decades, nearly nine-in-10 (86%) Americans believe companies should do more than simply make a profit but also operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues. Yet, a company’s role in society is becoming even more multidimensional.

We also know that businesses in Colorado deserve recognition for being so civic minded, no matter the size and industry.  So, for the first time, we are collecting data about the spectrum of businesses engaged in the community, alongside stories to better understand the methods, impacts and best practices behind the work often referred to as corporate social responsibility (CSR). This research is also designed to better understand the motivation and business case behind community engagement, and to identify opportunities and challenges to increase business community engagement.

B:CIVIC has partnered with TIAA, the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, the University of Denver and DaVita to develop the Companies Impacting Communities in Colorado Report. This study, collected and analyzed by Corona Insights, will be the first look into the scope of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and business philanthropy in Colorado.  Measuring all aspects of business philanthropy and community engagement, we will inventory how companies give (dollars, employee time, Board service, etc.), for which issues (education, food scarcity, etc.), and in what ways businesses are also aligning their giving with their business goals.  We believe this work and information is crucial for cross-sector community problem-solving, and the information will be aggregated so no company information will be shared; and the information will become available throughout our community in 2018.

Businesses of all sizes across industries will be invited to participate in this survey, and Corona Insights will ensure privacy of information, as we invite you to participate in this survey and to help us understand our collective work and impact.

If you are a business in Colorado, look for the invitation from Corona Insights.  Each will have a unique identifier, and you don’t have to fill out all the information.  All surveys are due by Wednesday, November 8, 2017.

The data and insights will be shared with all respondents and through the partnering organizations in Q1 of 2018.  Join us to tell the story of business philanthropy and community engagement throughout our state!

For more details or questions, or if your business wants to be included, call us today at 720.428.7000.