B:CIVIC companies are passionate about giving back and gratified to help inspire and support other businesses in the pursuit of being civic. They are showing and speaking that commitment in many ways. And they are identifying themselves as members of B:CIVIC, a  community of companies who know that “good works.”   They are placing the B:CIVIC member badge or logo on their websites, and in their citizenship reports, social media, advertising, special events and other community outreach.

If you want to support and work with companies that are “doing good,” check out our members, and see a few examples below of how they are standing up to be counted as members of  B:CIVIC!


 Otten Johnson Robinson Neff Ragonetti  CPR Radio underwriting- B:CIVIC shout-out


Badge_ Little Pub _ Badge            Little Pub 

Badge- the hound    The Hound Restaurant


badge_ top yellowdogBadge _Mention YELLOWDOG YellowDog Printing & Graphics


Bage- The Insurance loft - top partBasge_ The Insurance Loft The Insurance Loft


Badge- Univ Rockies TOP  University of the Rockies
Badge_ Univ of Rockies


Badge richey May- top

Badge _ Richey May - middle                            Richey May & Co and Richey May Cares Foundation

Badge Richey MAy bottom redo

 Badge- Dovetail solutions         dovetail solutions


Wheeler Trigg Badge Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell 


CO Biz Financial_ BADGE   CoBiz Financial