Alpine Bank’s tradition of community giving began with the 1973 opening of the bank in Colorado when 50 silver dollars that had been used in the opening ceremony were donated to Mt. Sopris Park. More than four decades later, hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals have benefited from Alpine Bank’s philanthropic philosophy.

The bank’s institutional giving starts with the Alpine Bank loyalty debit card, introduced in 1997 as an innovative way for the bank and its customers to give back to their communities. With each customer use of their loyalty debit card, Alpine Bank donates 10 cents to community organizations, and last year alone, Alpine Bank donated nearly $1 million, one dime at a time. Through this program, Alpine Bank has donated over $6 million to nonprofits across Colorado, since 1997.
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In addition to loyalty debit card donations, Alpine Bank regularly contributes to local causes, special projects and community-building efforts. Every day, employees provide their time and talents for efforts that are important to their local communities—some read to children, others help build Habitat for Humanity houses, and some donate blood or participate in walk-a-thons. In fact, each employee is provided with 24 hours of paid volunteer time each year. That means that Alpine Bank, as a corporation, and its employees, can devote more than 14,000 hours per year helping improve the lives of individuals in its communities.

Alpine Bank Chairman Bob Young said he originally adopted his policies of giving back to the community because he thought it would be good for the bottom line. He has since realized, “It isn’t good for the bottom line, it is the bottom line.” To Alpine Bank, this is just part of being good neighbors.

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