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Speakers _ audience _ IMG_3294Nearly 50 people gathered for the April 2017 B:CIVIC Sparks ‘n Sips program hosted at Vail Resorts as we heard from Molly Cuffe of Smartwool and Meredith Mirrington of Vail Resorts, along with Nicky Deford, also with Vail Resorts.

Both companies have strong and inspirational cultures and employer brands. The speakers shared how the companies developed their unique mission, vision and values and how those influence different aspects of their companies, including finding employees with the right passion and fit. They also wove in examples of how their brand and culture interface with and support their corporate social responsibility efforts, and employee and community involvement. Smartwool has no ordinary “employee policy” in a staid large binder, instead, the colorful, almost pocket-sized “Go To Work” booklet highlights all that makes Smartwool’s mission, vision and values speak to employees in a relatable way.

Brave, ambitious and passionate” are three values that guide the Vail Resorts brand. Over a period of time they have worked through a process to more clearly articulate their mission, vision and values. Vail’s Epic Foundation, a vehicle for employees to show their caring of fellow workers in times of challenge, aligns with these values.

It was clear from the presentations and the discussion that a keen focus on culture helps aspirational companies stand out and meet their goals.  The energy from the program was carried into the reception as attendees enjoyed networking over delicious food and drink hosted by Vail Resorts.
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