Link to Kimbal Musk.

Exponentially entrepreneurial. That’s Kimbal Musk.

Recently, thanks to the Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR) at the Leeds School of Business, B:CIVIC members were invited to hear from Kimbal and to be a part of CESR’s Conscious Capitalism Conference focused on Food Security.

Kimbal is a Colorado and national success story in many ways, not only because of his business accomplishments with, Zip2 Corporation, PayPal, and OneRiot, and with his brother for SpaceX and Tesla – but also because of his dedication to “real food.” He fed that passion through his development of The Kitchen, The Kitchen Community, Next Door, Learning Gardens and his newest initiative, Square Roots.

At the recent conference, Kimbal spoke genuinely about his cause to focus on the “real food” movement and nourishing local farmers, people, and the planet.  He shared his personal tragedy and triumphs from his 2010 winter tubing accident, and the profound impact that played in his life’s dedication to real food, and the importance that food brings in building community. 

If you or your company care about has nourishment, “real food,” sustainability and how to create a local sourcing ecosystem, we encourage you to read more from Kimbal about vertical farming and Square Roots. And of course, stay in touch with CU/CESR for more innovative learning. It’s wonderful to have CU/CESR in our midst to facilitate such discussions.