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Special thanks to University of Colorado Leeds School of Business Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR) and Leeds for partnering with B:CIVIC in many ways. We want our members and others to know about the great opportunities with their students, particularly because the Leeds and CESR are committed to training the next generation of business leaders to make a difference in their careers and their communities!

Corporate social responsibility is a key thread of business education at Leeds, integrated into the core curriculum for over 3,200 undergraduate and 400 graduate-level business students.

If your organization is looking for passionate, creative, and motivated talent to help take you to the next level, Leeds diverse pool of graduates offers exceptional depth and breadth of talent for entry-level or experienced positions.

The Leeds Professional Mentorship Program (PMP) connects over 650 juniors and seniors with more than 1,000 mentors worldwide.  PMP Mentors serCU Leeds Mentoringve as advisors and role models for students and support them in their career exploration and job search process.  The program also provides milestones and resources to support students and mentors in achieving their goals. More information and the online Mentor Application are available HERE.


If your company or organization would like to post a job or internship, participate in on-campus interviews, classroom panels or learn more about other opportunities to connect with students at Leeds, please contact