From Sustainable Brands and Future 500:
Stakeholder engagement non-profit Future 500 has released its annual Top 10 Stakeholder Engagement Trends report for 2017. The report compiles monitoring of current events, combined with feedback from Future 500’s stakeholder network, to make projections  in environmental, economic and social trends shaping business and advocacy in the coming year. The report suggests that effective, proactive stakeholder engagement is more important than ever in advancing systemic change.

This year’s trend report functions as a corporate “field guide,” featuring data-backed insights and specific action items to help corporations navigate a period of national and global volatility. The Future 500 data shows corporate action will be a major force for advancing systemic solutions, and among the ten trends, are aspects relating to:

  • Driving private sector collaboration in environmental advocacy.
  • Identifying market opportunities in federal gridlock.

See Sustainable Brands for links to the Future 500 full report, and a listing of all ten trends.