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Miller Coors Celebrates its Sustainability Ascent!

From pioneering the recyclable aluminum can in 1959, to achieving landfill-free status by recycling more than 99 percent of their brewery waste, MillerCoors continues its proud ascent as a pioneer in sustainability. Last year they installed the most powerful solar array of any one brewery in the country, an array that spans ten acres.

MillerCoors is committed to its sustainability pursuit and recognizes that their consumers, retailers, and distributors are equally interested in this issue. Coors Light has just released their new “Climb On” campaign commercial to share the story of what the company has accomplished so far in sustainability and to reflect the spirit of determination to reach new heights in all MillerCoors does.

This summer MillerCoors will release their “EveryOneCan” program centered on the idea that everyone can do their part to recycle. The program will also include a fun element of repurposing typical materials into unique retail items for customers.