View Level 3 CBS video

Level 3 Foundation, Inc. and Level 3 Cares Volunteers are partnering to bring the Level 3 Clubhouse to life on Saturday, March 4 for the Girls in Science event at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science!  They created three fun and stimulating activities around cyber security:  What is the Internet and how does Level 3 connect you to the Internet, How to be safe online, and Cryptology and Cipher activities around encoding and decoding messages to “use your powers for good.”  Bring your kids to this fun and educational event.

And check out this video of Level 3’s cyber security expertise and their talk with Lauren Whitney of CBS about how the internet is shaping the careers of women, and Level 3’s support for the Girls in Science event.

Thank you to B:CIVIC member, Level 3, for using your power for good, too!