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B:CIVIC Resources Library

The B:CIVIC Resources Library is a curated source of example reports, research, links to blogs and articles, tips from peers, convenient templates for commonly created documents, and more. It includes a variety of topics that are relevant to those in those in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resource (HR) capacities, as well as business managers, owners, and others. You may discover topics that you have not considered previously, but which help you to be successful in your business and its all-important connection to employees, customers, and the community. The links below point to research and resources relating to socially responsible investing, consumer expectations, millennial job expectations, and metrics for company performance that tie into CSR, citizenship, philanthropy, employee engagement, and more. 

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Articles and Links From 2018

Articles and Links From 2017

Articles and Links From 2016 & Older

Some of the material below is available to the general public, while other articles are for members-only. For each topic below, click on the topic to be directed to a page with further links. With those links, some are member only material, and members will be directed to go to the B:CIVIC Members login page (see top right of our menu bar). The members-only resource site gives members the benefits of:

  • Saving time Why recreate the wheel? Use handy templates for commonly produced documents and work products
  • Gaining knowledge, know-how, and tips  Including best practices from experts and colleagues
  • More easily finding relevant information  Valuable articles, organized by topic.

Click on the links below for information related to each topic:

We continue to look for additional information to add to the links above and to expand to other topics. Thank you to our member companies for assisting with and sharing information, which is included among others curated here.