The following are commonly asked questions about B:CIVIC and the answers.  The FAQs are updated on an ongoing basis and we respond to questions that will be of interest to both our members, prospective members, and the public.

Can nonprofit organizations be B:CIVIC members?

B:CIVIC membership is restricted to businesses.  Nonprofit organizations are not eligible to be members.  The exceptions to this policy include (c)6 organizations, chambers of commerce, business associations, corporate and community foundations, and other business-focused nonprofits.  Please contact us to ask any questions about the eligibility of your organization:

While nonprofit organizations can not be members of B:CIVIC, there will be numerous events offered annually by B:CIVIC which are open to both businesses and nonprofits.

Our company has joined B:CIVIC - who can participate in B:CIVIC events?

Any employee of a member company is welcome to participate in B:CIVIC events.

The only caveat to this involves affinity groups.  In this case, the employee needs to be eligible to participate based on the criteria for the respective group. For example, only CEOs are eligible to participate in the CEO Think Tank.

What are the terms of membership; what am I agreeing to when I take a membership?

The terms of membership are shown here: BCIVIC Membership Terms 2018 .

What are the benefits member companies receive?

 The following are some of the benefits all B:CIVIC member companies receive:

Professional Development and Special Events

  • B:CIVIC special quarterly events featuring high profile local and national speakers, the B:CIVIC Academy, and educational seminars are open to all member company staff
  • Affinity Groups for CSR Professionals, CEOs, small businesses, issue specific, etc.

Online Resources

  • Members-only online resource clearinghouse including latest articles on CSR and community involvement, best practice examples and case studies, toolkits and more
  • Members-only online discussion forums to learn and share best practices
  • Company listing in the public online member directory
  • Company and staff profile pages in online members-only directory with logo, description of goods/services, contact info, types of community engagement, and website link to foster member-to-member engagement

Business Connections and Visibility

  • Member-to-member networking events
  • Leadership and committee positions
  • B:CIVIC newsletters and email blasts
  • Use of B:CIVIC logo on your company website and materials
  • Social media engagement with your company
  • Opportunities for B2B offers and discounted sponsorships
What can I do if my company can't or won't join B:CIVIC?

If your company is currently not able to join B:CIVIC, and you are working on the company’s community involvement, volunteer program, grantmaking, or other corporate social responsibility-related activities, you may join as an individual as an Entrepreneurial Member for $250.

B:CIVIC understands that often takes a committed individual to get the ball rolling and work change from the inside to get the company more fully on board and commit resources to CSR and community involvement programs.  We want you to be able to engage with other companies to get ideas, explore what best practices of other companies can work for your organization, and access the tools and resources B:CIVIC provides to develop impactful programming.

If a chamber or business association joins B:CIVIC, are our members automatically members, as well?

When a chamber or business association joins B:CIVIC, all their employees are able to attend any B:CIVIC event, except special affinity groups for which they are not eligible (e.g., non-CEOs  can’t attend the annual CEO Think Tank.)  While we request that you share information about membership and special events open to the public to your members, they are NOT included as part of your organization’s membership.  Each of your business members will need to apply for their own membership.

Can government agencies be members?

If the government agency’s focus is supporting the health and well being of the businesses, you are eligible to join.  For example, the Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District is a ‘quasi-municipality’, reporting to the City and County of Denver and the state’s Division of Local Government. BID’s are formed to provide a variety of services in a designated area and are intended to improve or enhance the business environment while often including services not otherwise available. They are eligible for membership.

What does being a Founding Member mean?

Founding memberships are offered to the first 100 companies to join B:CIVIC.  They receive exclusive benefits in addition to the standard benefits all members receive.  Exclusive benefits include:

  • Access for any company employee to special annual Founding Members-only networking events.
  • Designation as a Founding Member in online directories for lifetime of company membership.
  • B:CIVIC display trophy, annual B:CIVIC window seal, and membership certificate with Founding Member designation.
  • Company’s community engagement activities featured in e-newsletter and blog articles.

After the first 100, all other companies will join as Members and receive all regular benefits of B:CIVIC membership.

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