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B:CIVIC’s mission is to promote and advance business philanthropy and community involvement across Colorado.  To further that goal, we are proud of our initiative to offer the CCSR program in partnership with the Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR) at the CU-Boulder Leeds School of Business.

Group Photo- 2017 CESR_ Missing William-and _Marcee DAVID TALKING_ Geri- sign class Group Presentation_ ROI 5Rs_Heather_Suzanne_Chris_Meg

Above: Recent Graduates of the Spring 2017 CCSR Program (left) and students/instructors engaged in class (right). 

Why This Is Important
More and more businesses are joining the movement of conscious capitalism – choosing to evaluate their success on the “triple bottom line” – their impact on people and the planet, as well as making a profit.  In addition, corporations face ever-increasing pressure from consumers, shareholders, and society to be more socially responsible.  As a consequence, people leading CSR efforts within their companies are looking for ways to learn practical, applicable best practices that can help deliver maximum value back to their companies and the communities they serve.

The CU-Boulder Leeds School of Business Certification in Corporate Social Responsibility, in partnership with B:CIVIC, is designed to address the evolving needs of CSR practitioners, regardless of role or title.  And, whether you are an experienced CSR professional, just starting out in your CSR career, or wanting to make a career change in this direction, this certification program provides an opportunity to further your knowledge, ideas, and network within the Colorado CSR community. The CCSR course is collaborative, interpersonal and experiential, with dialogue-based learning involving the instructors, class cohorts, and guest speaker/subject matter experts.

In this course you will:

  • Learn practical applications and create a “toolbox” of resources.
  • Hear from experts that will spark ideas and insights.
  • Expand your community of peers, making valuable professional connections.

Sign up for fall 2017- Classes begin August 30!

  • Interested students for fall 2017 may fill out an interest form located on the CU-Boulder Leeds School of Business CESR webpage, and then you will receive a follow-up to discuss your interest and application.
  • Or Apply Now.
  • Fall 2017 semester/session begins on August 30, so apply soon!
  • Employees of B:CIVIC member companies are given first priority, along with a $500 per person tuition discount to the program.
  • Tuition is $1750 per person for employees of current B:CIVIC members; $2250 per person for non-members. Payment is not expected until after your application has been accepted. Payment will be made directly to the University of Colorado.
  • Each class is limited to approximately 20 participants.
  • Classes will be held on Wednesdays, August 30-December 6th, 5:30-8:30, comprising 40 hours of in-person, interactive class time. Attendance at 11 out of 14 sessions is required to obtain the certification. Accommodations for infrequent, active remote participation are acceptable.
  • Location of classes is at the University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business, Boulder.
  • The curriculum is developed and delivered by Geri Mitchell-Brown, CESR faculty and CSR professional. The course advisor is David Payne, CESR faculty and sustainable business professional. More.
  • Upon completion of the program, students will receive a non-degree Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility from the CU Leeds School of Business.

If you are a CSR professional who wants to elevate your professional knowledge and increase the standards for CSR professionals, join us for this exciting program!

Questions?  Please contact Su Hawk at 720.428.7000 for more information.

Congratulations to the second Certification in Social Responsibility class (Spring 2017) 

Group Photo- 2017 CESR_ Missing William-and _Marcee

Suzanne_ 2017 spring ccsr panel 5 Barefoot PR- 2017 MArch CCSR class

Spring 2017 semester’s class was held at the Colorado Collaborative for Nonprofits in Denver where B:CIVIC offices are located. 

Pictured Left above: (bottom row, left to right): David Payne, Sandra Wick Mulvany, Heather Baker, Michele Majeune, Liz Eral-Martinez, Meg John, Laura Isanuk, Ashly Ligouri, Amy Daly. Back Row (left to right): Paula McClain, Geri Mitchell-Brown, Christopher Simmons, Jennifer Forman, Haley Shilts, and Suzanne Wolke. Not Pictured: William Browning and Marcee Kinning

Above second to right picture: Student Suzanne Wolke explains her “mind map.”
Middle and right photos show guest panelists from B:CIVIC member companies discussing their work with spring 2017 CCSR students.

Congratulations to the graduates from our first-ever CSR Certification program


Congratulations to all of the graduates from the first-ever CSR Certification program at the Leeds School of Business, CESR Center, presented in partnership with B:CIVIC.

The graduates gathered Dec 14, 2016, to celebrate the completion of their program.

Shown from left to right, front row: Geri Mitchell-Brown (instructor), Tricia Vincent, Lora Ledermann, Jessica Sibila, Heidi Box, Robin Fleishmann, David Payne (instructor). Back row: Marc Ross, Sarae Kurth, Lisa Konen, Karla Baise, Karen Spencer, Amy Rosenblum, Brian Lichtenheld. Not pictured is Denise Jendrusch.

Creating the Certification Program – Background and Thanks!

This program grew out of the initiative of B:CIVIC who, together with the CU Leeds Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR) and several passionate volunteer CSR professionals, collaborated during 2015 and 2016 to envision and map out the program. These efforts included defining the program focus to address core competencies in CSR, incorporating peer-learning, providing best practice examples from guest speakers, including B:CIVIC member companies, enhancing the CSR profession, and enabling those from B:CIVIC member companies first opportunity to enroll each session. The program was the first of its kind in the metro Denver region when it kicked off in the fall of 2016.

Special thanks to our collaborators and the creators of this program:

  • Dr. Mark Meaney, Executive Director, CESR, CU Leeds School of Business
  • David S. Payne, Instructor, CESR, CU LEEDS School of Business
  • Lori Call, Stakeholder Engagement, Kaiser Permanente and B:CIVIC 2017 Board Chair
  • Su Hawk, President/CEO,B:CIVIC
  • Geri Mitchell-Brown, Director, Rally for Impact Foundation
  • Sondra Smith, Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility; Director, Level 3 Communications Foundation
  • Jessica Silba, Sr. Manager, Corporate Philanthropy, Community Affairs and Events, The WhiteWave Foods Company

Testimonials from Graduates of the CCSR Certification (Fall 2016):

The CCSR course is well-worth the investment! Co-Instructors Dave and Geri covered academic and practitioner perspectives on a wide-range of CSR topics from strategy models to sustainable business. Equally valuable was the opportunity to learn from my peers in traditional CSR roles and in related fields. My classmates were insightful and thoughtful and it was wonderful to be surrounded by other passionate people each week.  We truly created a community within our class and I know I can reach out to every one of them for ideas in the future.” Heidi Box, Business Development, Stern & Curray LLC

” The Certification in Corporate Social Responsibility (CCSR) course offered by B:CIVIC and the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business was incredibly valuable. In my role, it’s important to have a strong historical view of CSR and stay educated on the current viewpoints and innovation on these topics. The CCSR course instructors (David Payne and Geri Mitchell-Brown) do a great job of providing content that achieves both of these elements. They teach the historical and theoretical concepts of CSR while also discussing the practical applications in today’s society. The course is presented through multiple types of activities as well as external speakers that are highly regarded professionals in the CSR field. It’s because of this multi-faceted approach and the engaging way the content is delivered by David and Geri that I would recommend this course to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and skills related to CSR.”  – Jessica Sibila, Sr. Manager, Corporate Philanthropy, Community Affairs and Events, The WhiteWave Foods Company

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